Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Welp, Nate and I survived our first winter together in New York. Everyone in the city is telling us we didn’t get a “real” winter because…well, we didn’t really. It was never that cold and it only snowed a handful of times. But coming from…

Charleston: a magical place

This year I had the privilege to go on a dream vacation. Although I’ve been known to be a tad dramatic…I mean dream vacation quite literally. Yes, I’ve gone to Charleston, SC for the past 10 years but this year, I got to go twice….

Viva La Mexico!

I’ve always wanted to say that, “Viva La Mexico!” and actually be in Mexico. Kinda like saying “Aloha!!” in Hawaii because it’s the only place you don’t feel like a total poser. Last weekend, we crossed the border to Mexico, and I finally could! Having…

almost home!

Well, I’m headed home. (for a week that is). Trying to take advantage of my layover here in DEN. Airports are sooo entertaining, aren’t they? Especially when you are traveling alone, which seems to be all I do these days. I unintentionally do a running…

call me Jenna, professional host.

in my 6 months living in california i’ve gotten so.many.more visitors from home than i ever imagined . it has been a total riot. i love watching my two worlds collide. plus, nothing beats giving someone their first in-and-out experience. (you will never fully understand…

to the unknown.

i was driving home from the Gypsy Den tonight and it dawned on me. i LIVE here. i wake up, go to work, leave for school, come home, do homework, laugh with my roomies, read a book, give nate a goodnight phone call, fall asleep….

a year ago today.

i had Ben Lee ready on spotify and cuddled into my bed, ready to take on the blog world….then the internet went out. it’s funny how it feels like your productivity has to come to a complete stop when either 1. you have no wifi….