San Franciscooooo!

Hey blog world! Life has been full lately but we’re finally back in Orange County for at least another month and soaking up this summer weather (no more June gloom, yeeeeeeaah!) So here’s short photo blog on our weekend up north!

Last month Nate and I took the trek up to San Francisco to explore this colorful city! We’ve both been to the area before, but this trip we decided to really lock in and take our inner touristy desires seriously. We attempted to see all our beloved city dwelling friends while also exploring the places we’ve never seen downtown! I was taken back at just how unique everything was, and how quickly we both had forgotten how beautiful San Francisco is. We walked a lot of the neighborhoods, explored Golden Gate park, grazed an unhealthy number of cute cafes, went for a morning run across the bridge, and of course, sang the full house theme song while taking embarrassing pictures by the painted ladies.

There are so so so so SO many yummy places to indulge in SF (and I’m sure there are tons of gems we missed). But as far as our friends suggestions went, combined with our favorites finds…here’s a list of places not to miss in the city.

Cafe: Cafe St. Jorge
Coffee: Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters
Bakeries: The Mill and B. Patisserie
Dinner: Wayfare Tavern and Marlowe
Drinks: Bourbon & Branch/The Library














  1. Jaclyn Sue · June 23, 2015

    Jenna your photos are so clean! Love them!!
    P.S. Sorry, I was kinda creepily on your blog this past week.. I am starting one, & I wanted to see how it works. I used you as an example (:

    • · June 23, 2015

      Oh why thank you dear! Don’t apologize, I feel honored to be creeped on, haha : ) Excited to see your blog!