watchin’ some whales.

I love Orange County. It seems like it’s over looked sometimes since it’s sandwiched between LA and San Diego, two seemingly bigger vacation destinations. But there is SO much to do here, and I’ve loved every minute I’ve been able to live in this sunshine filled county. Eventually I’d like to do a blog post on all my favorite things to do, see, and eat in OC but until then I’ll throw out some random weekend activities we’ve done here!

Whale watching…it’s gotten a bad rep before, leaving people disappointed they didn’t see any whales. And yes, I realize how ironic that sounds…buuuut it’s not like anyone has control over when these sea monsters decide to appear and put on a show for us. So as a fair warning, I would suggest only going with your expectations low and if you love being on the water : ) That way, even if you don’t see any, it’ll be a fun couple hours just enjoying the sun and waves!

A few weeks ago, my brother Matt and his girlfriend, Bridget, spent their spring break with us in OC. My family’s from Ohio, so when they are able to take the time and money to fly 5 hours west…I am ECSTATIC. We planned 5 straight days of hiking, biking, beaching, and eating multiple desserts between meals. I loved having them here so much and I’m glad I documented at least some of our trip together during our whale watching adventure! These whales were huuuuuge and so majestic, absolutely worth every penny to get to see these amazing things. Here’s some shots of our afternoon : )

Here’s a similar coupon to the one we used to get our tickets!