Feeling Alive.

So, every third Wednesday of the month, my church, Rock Harbor, does a small service in the evening. It’s basically another opportunity to gather as a community, but in a more intimate setting. Part of the evening we spend in small groups of 3-4 people, discussing life and praying for each other. Last month, we were asked to discuss a time in the last couple weeks we felt most alive. Nate and I both recounted a day in San Luis Obispo during the same trip I blogged about last week. It’s sort of cliche, feeling most alive in nature. But isn’t that the purpose?

I’m thankful God gave us this sort of beauty. The kind that makes me think that this is a glimpse of how our world was intended to look. And I’m also thankful for a husband who is just as eager to explore it as I am. Feeling most alive is exhilarating and I just want to jump around sing and dance and be like “YES, this is how it should be!”. Which we sort of did. On top of getting into a pointless debate about carbon dating in between taking these photos. We’re really cool. I bet our arguments made a lot of sense.


It’s not all smiles, folks. Ok, but it mostly is with this kid, he makes everything fun. : )