Cameras and Cappuccinos.

If you know me at all, you know I have always been the camera friend. There’s always one of us in a group! You know, the one who will take a photo in a moments notice, documenting every detail of an exciting event or…just your everyday coffee date. Always snapping away.

Finally, I just got straight up annoyed with myself, even bored. I just stopped caring. I even stopped carrying my camera with me all together. I used to lug around my big bulky dslr camera e-v-e-r-ywhere.

So last year I decided to get a light weight point and shoot camera and swear by my new mindset to actually BE where I was, while I was there. I replayed the John Mayer song “3 x 5” in my head as I frolicked around, swearing it to be my new anthem. I stopped caring (mostly) about what I looked like in photos and it was so freeing. I was finally in the moment.

*Disclaimer: There are times I have failed miserably at this. Most commonly with my husband and mom. I am picturing you both banging your heads against the keyboard right now. I’m sorry I’ve still made you wait patiently while I take multiple pictures of the same thing and stand there while I trie to fix my disastrous hair day. Love me anyway.

But after this past year of “camera freedom”, I kinda felt torn. I was wanting to document things beautifully while still experiencing things fully. So, this January, I started my compromise and decided to carry around my professional camera again, whenever I felt like it. But I told myself I wouldn’t let it take away from my time somewhere or the people I was with. Finally, my experiences are not revolving around what I can take a picture of. I’ve freed myself from the mindset that everything needs to be documented or it didn’t really happen. So for the last few months, I’ve done this and it’s actually worked. I’ve found the balance of documenting creation while still enjoying it wholly. And it’s been so fun! So I thought I might as well show my friends and family, and anyone else that cares some of the fun camera freedom I’ve gotten to have this year.

Here’s some of what I documented from our trip this past February up the central coast of California! The first dozen are in Santa Barbara and the rest in Pismo Beach : )

I also gave up trying to make Nate model for me. He’s too humble to take himself seriously. Plus, I realized he’s more cooperative when he doesn’t know I’m actually taking a picture of him. Exhibit A.
This was one of the first cappuccinos made with almond milk that I’ve actually really enjoyed. If you’re ever in Santa Barbara, try Handlebar. VdayTrip_Online-8VdayTrip_Online-12VdayTrip_Online-3VdayTrip_Online-6
I told him his mustache was getting out of control, unruly. He made me take a photo to prove it. He saw this and said, “Oh my gosh! It looks amazing!” Hahaha, Ohhhh man, I love this kid.
Although this looks like a really touching moment, I think he was actually blinking. Cute, right?VdayTrip_Online-28VdayTrip_Online-15VdayTrip_Online-16
Still drooling.VdayTrip_Online-23VdayTrip_Online-19VdayTrip_Online-20VdayTrip_Online-18VdayTrip_Online-21VdayTrip_Online-17VdayTrip_Online-26VdayTrip_Online-24VdayTrip_Online-22VdayTrip_Online-25VdayTrip_Online-27