almost home!

Well, I’m headed home. (for a week that is). Trying to take advantage of my layover here in DEN.

Airports are sooo entertaining, aren’t they? Especially when you are traveling alone, which seems to be all I do these days. I unintentionally do a running commentary/voice-over in my head as I walk around. Everyone does that right?

“Don’t make eye contact with the credit card salesman…but if you do tell him you already have their card….but that’s lying. Does it matter? Yes, it does, Jenna. Have some integrity. Shoot I looked at him. Walk faster. Eye contact was made, it’s over. Slow down. No run.” Hi, sorry! I run away.

Did I just make that interaction 10 times more complicated in my head?

I usually then browse the wide variety (?) of eateries. I ask them all if they have gluten free options. 2 of them usually say no, 1 looks really confused (moving on…)and the last points to a banana. Of course. Cool.

I should start keeping a count of all 4$ bananas I’ve eaten in my lifetime.

Other fun things that never cease to happen to me at airports.

-That awkward thing where your suitcase is “front heavy” and tips easily and I ALWAYS manage to hit the person in front of me waiting to board. Then when you get in the plane (this happened to me today) I, for the life of me, cannot get my carry on over my head into the compartment.

I’m kinda weird about packing everything in a carry on so I don’t have to check a bag so I end up having like a 40 pound carry on and can never lift it over my head. Sometimes I practice before leaving for the airport to make sure my weak arms can handle it.

Well I left at 4am this morning and forgot to practice.

I almost nailed the poor woman sitting under me while I struggled. Picture this: I’m sweating, panting, it’s my third attempt to get the suitcase above my head. With every attempt I’m getting weaker. People are staring. THEN this happens, I end up getting it at this reeeeally weird angle and am keeping it up by balancing it off my face. Real life. SOMEONE HELP ME. thank you, cute old man. before I even opened the compartment to get my suitcase once we landed, another friendly stranger stepped in front of me and didn’t even ask if i needed helped, he just got it for me anyway and gave me this face like…”this is just as much for me as it is for you”. No one likes to see the dumb blonde girl get her leggings in a bunch.

I’m about to board my second flight. Everyone say a little prayer this suitcase fiasco doesn’t repeat itself.


seriously this is what i’m coming home to.


when people say babies are “just so cute i could eat them!” i still feel that way about my 6 year old brother.