call me Jenna, professional host.

in my 6 months living in california i’ve gotten so.many.more visitors from home than i ever imagined . it has been a total riot. i love watching my two worlds collide. plus, nothing beats giving someone their first in-and-out experience. (you will never fully understand me until you’ve had in and out and/or thoroughly read through the harry potter series)

every time a friend came to stay with me, a little bit of home came with them. it can feel lonely at times as it seems my life in ohio and here are totally separate. essentially, my heart is in two places but few had had a glimpse of both.

my first visitors were Beth, Zac, and baby Parker Kohl. they stayed with their good friends in pasadena and we got to spend a whole day exploring laguna and huntington beach together. we captured some of the best sunset pictures i’ve taken here yet : )

FallandWinter-Cali-7FallandWinter-Cali-4Lauren came to visit the next week! we got pedicures in HB, mojitos in malibu, tan lines in santa monica, and an extra five pounds…well, everywhere. oh, we also picked up my car off the semi that carried it cross country. it proceeded to break down while driving it out of the parking lot so we got a rental car. not every day is bliss, people. it’s safe to say half the money spent that week was an emotional response to my cars constant need to put me in peril.


my next two visitors came after the new year, Shelby and Lo!

highlight of the trip includes…fulfilling shelby’s life long dream of living out “the OC”. so we visited the pier that ryan, seth, marissa, and summer spent many a romantic nights and/or near death experiences. also they drove me to my first day of class at UCLA, which included video documentation of me walking into my first classroom (everyone does that, right?). man, i love those two.


at the end of the same month, Nikki and David came into town for business and to visit family and last but not least go on the MOST anticipated double date (s) of all time. ever. in all of history. oh and it happened. and it happened again, and again. and i think i smiled for 3 days straight and not so silently pouted when they left. i had had this theory that david and nate were brown and blonde haired versions of each other. tis true. here are some pictures to prove it.

California-Fall and Winter-172California-Fall and Winter-175 a couple months later over spring break, Courtney came to stay with me in anaheim! (i moved, did i ever mention that?) i did my best to expose court to every good burger and milkshake within 20 miles. in fact the burgers might inspire a blog post on their own. anyway, i loved having her here for a week to just do normal life stuff with me. of course we went to the beach and all that but i just loved laughing with my friends and going to church together. that’s life, ya know?

IMG_6895IMG_6890the same morning that courtney flew out of LAX, miss kitty kat marsh came in to stay with me for the easter weekend! it was bliss just sitting and chatting with her on the patio, having a beach bonfire, and praising Jesus on easter morning together. basically kat has been stuck in chicago winter for toooo long so i did my best to make her feel like she was lauren conrad. i hope it worked.