day 5. so close.

the last couple days have been…errrr adventurous. and by that i mean filled with shaking fists and like 15 diet cokes. i won’t even explain what has happened because shelby and i are both trying to block it out of our memory. but i will say that 5 days and 5 different itineraries later…we are sort of almost there. after our first cancellation and up until last night, we kept it pretty cool. we laughed off most of the delays, cancellations, and occasionally being stranded…but last night was sort of our breaking point. looking back on it, it’s kinda of hilarious. i basically threw a fit like a 2 year old in the middle of the airport after we found out for the 4th time that our names were not reserved on our next flight to Taiwan. i looked over at shelby during my epic freak out and she was simultaneously crying and cracking up at me at the same time. i hope the people behind the security cameras were equally as entertained.

carrying on. we are currently waiting for our final flight to Cambodia, that takes off in an hour. we figured out that in the entire airport the VIP lounge has the best free wifi…duh…so we just camped out in front of the door next to an outlet. yes we look like we’re homeless and i keep waiting for someone to tell us to leave. whatever. we are VIP. side note. not to be gross or anything but shelby and i have been in the EXACT same outfits since Sunday morning. we occasionally take pictures of each other for entertainment and future blackmail. we have never looked so good.

i’m honestly too tired and lazy to write more so i’m just going to write some bullet points of thoughts.

-we had our first asian dish, yum.

-i think hectic traveling has made me really emotional because i cried at the hint of anything sort of touching in the movies we watched on the plane. and i used to pride myself as not being a movie crier. wah.

-i finished reading “7” by Jen Hatmaker on the plane ride here. great book. cried my way through the end of that too when she talks about her process adopting her Ethiopian babies. ahh please read this book. it will make you empty your closets, delete your twitter account, hang out with the homeless, and love community even more than you did before.

-i’m really excited for this month. for a while my excitement was stunted because of the chaos that has been distracting me. but God keeps giving my glimpses of why this is so worth it. i have this undying urge to help everyone and everything but He keeps reminding me that this isn’t my job. my job is to love one little life at a time. when it’s all said and done, the idea of short term missions isn’t really my favorite- but it’s the reality of where my life is right now and what I am able to do globally. and I can’t wait to scoop up these little kids in my arms and give them every second of love that I can that they might not have gotten if I wasn’t there.

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  1. Mama Stouf · May 10, 2012

    Hug a baby for me!