the beginning.

I was hoping my first post would be a little more thought out, clever, possibly even meaningful..but of course the day caught up with me. Today is travel day! Or as I like to think of it- the first day of the rest of my life. Ok, I’ll cut the drama, but seriously in a way it is. Let me give a quick overview for those I haven’t told.

Short version- I am graduating this August with my degree in Child and Family Development and needed an internship that is worth 5 credits towards graduation to fill my graduation requirement before the end of the summer. For those who don’t know, I’ve been semi-obsessed with Asia, more so Asian babies, for a good amount of time by now. So after a couple months of chaotic applying and emailing and stalking some super cool ministries in Asia (that I will be sure to post the links to on my blog so you can all love and support these places as well), someone took me! Yay. A Christian non-profit in Cambodia called Asian Hope is sponsoring me, if you will, and sending me to two other ministries within the same city they are based out of, Phnom Penh. The two other places I’ll be working are called New Life School and Haley’s House orphanage. We will be at New Life (filled with mostly orphans) in the morning teaching english to the children there and at Haley’s House we will be mostly being just taking care and loving on the kiddos there : )

Oh, and did I mention Shelby Mitchell is joining me in all this? I’ll save that fun story for another post. But let me say, I am SO incredibly excited that Shelby will be with me. She is an adventurer seeking cutie that I can’t wait to hold and kiss little babies with.

Well…when I started this post, I was supposed to board my flight to SFO in 10 minutes. Buuut as I was jamming out to some The Head and the Heart on my laptop and writing to you all, apparently they informed us all that our plane was…in Chicago? SO I suppose we have to wait until our plane takes off from Chi, so we aren’t taking off for another 2 hours. Only God knows how I travel by myself sometimes. Remember the time Lauren and I fell asleep in the wrong gate on the way to LA? We were Tokyo bound for like 3 hours and had no idea. Ok, side story, sorry. Anyway, this means we’ll be here for a couple more hours. Which is actually great because…Shelby is still going through security (bug spray incident caused a delay).

Anyway, I started this blog to keep all my friends and family caught up with my time in Cambodia and also my time after that. I move to California in 6 months! So crazy. I was going to start my blog then but I figured there are a bunch of fun things going on in-between that time though that I simply can’t wait for so I decided to start this whole shin-dig now to write about it all along the way.

Shelby just showed up, Cinnabon in hand. Ah, let the fatty airport eating begin. I can’t wait. Next time I write will be half way across the world. Hereeeee we go!


  1. chelseakim · May 6, 2012

    LOVE IT.

  2. Darla Lyons · May 6, 2012

    You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your travels and the opportunities that God has given you and blessed you with! So excited for you! You will always bring back wonderful memories of the DR…..and you know exactly what I mean! 😉 Hahahaha!
    We will be sooo praying for you! Safe travels! We will look forward to following your blog!
    Many Blessings to you along the way!
    Rick and Darla Lyons

  3. Mama Stouf · May 6, 2012

    I loved every word until I came to the moving to CA part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must you torture me??????????????????

    • Tracey Saucier · May 6, 2012

      Mama Stouf I will take good care of her when she is here, even if she wont live with us.

      • Mama Stouf · May 6, 2012

        Many thanks to you “Aunt Tracey” ! You have taken such good care of her so far so I have no trouble knowing she is in good hands! I will miss her sparkle in my days. My daily life will be dimmer without the light of her smile and the bounce of her pretty blonde head! Her giggle is so contagious……I love that girl more than life!

  4. Spiritual World Traveler · May 6, 2012

    Wow! Enjoy your time!! Sounds like an amazing spiritual experience is coming up in your future…